Bi bi Ms. American Pie (Chapter 1)

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By Mark Twain

He really fucking hates Tony Stark. Tony must be able to smell the teen angst radiating off of Bucky, if he can have that good of a read on him already.


Bucky put his lips over the opening, and put his finger on the carb, then he lit up and sucked it in. He held the smoke in his lungs for about ten seconds before blowing it out. After Tony takes a rather long hit he hands the bong back to him and absorbs into a story. Hated my parents, still hate my parents. All he cares about is his work, and I interfered with that.

Bye Bye Miss American Pie

My mom just went along with whatever my dearest daddy said. Especially for a couch, it was just so impractical.

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He finds this to be fucking hilarious, and begins to laugh uncontrollably. Guess you remind me of well me.

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He feels really good right now, even with the weird tension Stark built up trying to divert him from a troubled path or some shit, everything feels light and happy. And fuck he is hungry. The lavishly modern penthouses, with racks of expensive whiskey, and sleek chrome furniture are not, those are too new money for him, but the luxury vehicles are always something his family has made a purpose of owning ever since he was little. Look at all the fucking money I own. He seemed more like the kind of guy who did, and whenever he wanted to at that. He thumbed at the tears pricking in his eyes, and his stomach ached.

Tony turns the music up, and the song is fucking weird. No sane man would subject himself to this kind of torture, he was certain of that. And this sends him into another round of giggles. Bucky all about jumps out the car and kisses the ground when Tony finally pulls into the small parking lot of the taco place. I saw a whole thing about it on 60 Minutes. This Wade Wilson fellow was a fucking intimidating looking guy, his face was riddled with scars, and he looked like he was excellent with hiding a body.

Bucky felt awkward and out of place, he glared at his clunky black boots. Vanessa sure did crack the whip down on you huh? Bucky pushes the thought out of his mind.

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  • He can also hear that Wade is laughing, which makes his lips turn up, and there he goes again. Tony leads Bucky around the back of the shack like building to where the tables are. Sitting at one table is a small girl wearing black leather pants, a band t-shirt, and a leather jacket. She had fiery red hair, and a face that looked like it could kill, both with looks and with the deadly murder stare she had going on.

    She held a cigarette loosely between her fingers, and Bucky was pretty sure he was in love. He leaned in like he was going to kiss her on the cheek and she glared at him hard, and shot him the bird. He backed away with his hands up, before pushing Bucky towards her.

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    Bucky scuffled towards the bench and sat down next to Natasha, their thighs touching. Tony sat on the other side facing both of them, and looking rather smug. She turned her head towards him and blew smoke in his face. He tried his hardest but he coughed and glared at her. She just laughed and flipped her hair. Show him what he wants.

    Tony promised him tacos, well really he only promised him weed, but then he mentioned tacos so technically that was a promise. Like ever. Bucky just nodded, he had kissed girls at his old school, hell he had gone even further than kissing. Bucky pushed her away gently he was just too high for this, too high and too….

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    Tony was cackling across from him, holding his phone out at them. God damn it he had filmed it. Bucky was reminded how much he hated that guy for the hundredth time that night.

    He turned to Tony and began to beg for his life. His heart was beating so fast, his hands were shaking, and he was pretty sure he was going to start crying any second now. Bucky slammed his forehead on the table, and felt hot tears come down his face. He felt a hand on his back which startled him a little, and when he looked to see who it was it was Wade. Then you realize if putting a dick in your ass is what is gonna keep you from offing yourself, then you gotta do whatcha gotta do. Then she turns back to Bucky.

    Sexuality can be a scary thing, I know too, when I realized I was bi it was such a mixture of relief and fear. Even if Stark is an absolute pig, and we hate him.

    To be honest we only tolerate him for his money. Bucky nods, and brings the bottom of his t-shirt up to his face to wipe all the tears and snot off. How is that even a good cover? Bucky remember to buy from me, I put it in tampons.

    Bi bi Ms. American Pie (Chapter 1)

    A great way to not get caught. The fact his parents would definitely hate every single one of them is only the icing on his angst baked cake. Bucky spent the rest of that school year blowing off his classes, and his parents, and hanging out with his new friends. He started to build up quite a reputation for himself at his new high school. He was used to most kids ignoring him which is how he wanted it, and some kids cowering away from him as he walked through the hallways, and other kids, the ones who frequented detention wanting him to join their little circle, but being a skinhead bully was never really his style.

    The more parties he went to with Stark however, the more the kids at his school began to talk about him, because apparently they all had Stark on Snapchat and treated him like some kind of God. She was sitting underneath the awning a glass of lemonade in her hand, and overly large sunglasses perched on her face. She smiled at him curtly, and patted the sun chair besides her motioning for him to come sit. Bucky was sure he was a sight to see. Despite it nearing degrees out, he was wearing flannel pajama pants, and a black torn up hoodie.

    She breathed in the scent of the summer, or some shit and Bucky wanted to die. He groaned in response, and flipped onto his stomach so he could hide his face in the towel that was sitting on the chair. It was not a beautiful day, it was too hot, too bright, and too fucking annoying. He was pretty sure his mother was just doing this to annoy him too. She had been playing this game far longer than he had, and she had all those years of raising him and systematically brainwashing him to add to her advantage.

    Why would he want to hang out with her? He just loved getting told everything about himself was wrong, it was a great fucking way to spend his day. Yet, her she was fucking pouting her lips at him, literally pouting. He needed get out of this house before he went insane.

    Bi bi Ms. American Pie (Chapter 1) Bi bi Ms. American Pie (Chapter 1)
    Bi bi Ms. American Pie (Chapter 1) Bi bi Ms. American Pie (Chapter 1)
    Bi bi Ms. American Pie (Chapter 1) Bi bi Ms. American Pie (Chapter 1)
    Bi bi Ms. American Pie (Chapter 1) Bi bi Ms. American Pie (Chapter 1)
    Bi bi Ms. American Pie (Chapter 1) Bi bi Ms. American Pie (Chapter 1)
    Bi bi Ms. American Pie (Chapter 1) Bi bi Ms. American Pie (Chapter 1)

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