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pack for trek success: our annapurna circuit packing list

While certain times of the year have much more suitable trekking weather see point one , it is vital to be prepared for all possible conditions, no matter when you decide to go. High in the Himalayas, the weather is unpredictable, and snow, rain or storms can happen at any time.

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Climate change also means that weather patterns have become even more erratic over the last few years. One of the best things about the Annapurna Circuit is the food and hospitality you will receive in the teahouses. Each evening, after a long day of trekking, you will be delighted to sit down in front of a roaring fire and tuck into a plate of dal bhat a traditional Nepali meal of rice, lentils, vegetable curry and pickle.

The food is delicious and very filling, and your body will be grateful for it the next day when you feel revived and ready to head out on the trail again. Other common offerings in guesthouses include garlic soup, a local remedy for altitude sickness and much better than it sounds. For snacking, I recommend stocking up in Kathmandu, as the cost of items like chocolate bars can get very high on the circuit.

Plastic is a big problem on trekking routes across Nepal, as most of these small villages have no waste disposal system.

This is leaving mountainsides cluttered with discarded plastic bottles, which is really not how we want to be treating these areas of striking natural beauty! I recommend getting a steel reusable water bottle in Kathmandu. Along the trail, there are many villages with purified drinking water stations. Here you can refill your bottle and it actually works out much cheaper than buying bottled water. You can also use water purification tablets or buy a steripen. For many people, trekking in Nepal is about mountain views and hiking.

I recommend learning a little more about the cultures you are passing through. Speak to the families running the teahouses and go visit local gompas or temples. Opening your eyes to the cultures, religions and heritage of the trail will make it a much more enjoyable and meaningful experience, and it also means a lot to the local people when trekkers take an interest in their lives.

A Dream of Annapurna - Helicopter Ride to Annapurna Base Camp With Pokhara Heli Services

So, you need to be prepared and carry all the money you will need for the journey. While food and drinks in the teahouses can be cheap in the lowlands, they increase significantly as you increase in altitude and the road disappears. In Kathmandu, dal bhat is likely to cost you around rupees, but this can grow to around when you get above 3,m.


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Western food such as burgers, pasta and burritos yes, all food you can get on the trail , also tends to be very expensive as you get higher. Crossing the Thorong La Pass was probably the hardest day of my life! Waking up before sunrise and heading over narrow ridges in thick snow. Then climbing continuously for hours before finally reaching the prayer flags on the pass, breathless and completely relieved. But it is essential to be prepared for this day, which will really push even the fittest hiker to the limits. Travelling is meant to push you and challenge you in so many ways and trekking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal will certainly do just that.

Prevent Altitude Sickness while Trekking in Nepal • eventhyfibno.gq

While this is a difficult trek at times, it is also an incredibly enjoyable journey and one that can be completed by people of all ages and all fitness levels. The most important thing throughout the trek is to stay positive.

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Already tackled it and looking for a new challenge? Check out our range of walking and trekking holidays from around the world. Annapurna Mellor is a photographer, writer and storyteller.

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    Dreaming Annapurna Dreaming Annapurna
    Dreaming Annapurna Dreaming Annapurna
    Dreaming Annapurna Dreaming Annapurna
    Dreaming Annapurna Dreaming Annapurna
    Dreaming Annapurna Dreaming Annapurna
    Dreaming Annapurna Dreaming Annapurna
    Dreaming Annapurna Dreaming Annapurna
    Dreaming Annapurna Dreaming Annapurna
    Dreaming Annapurna

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