El Valle de Laudine (Spanish Edition)

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Roumagnac Philippe, Mollov Dimitre S.

Viral metagenomics approaches for high-resolution screening of multiplexed arthropod and plant viral communities. Humana Press , Weaver ant Oecophylla longinoda Latreille Hymenoptera: Formicidae performance in mango and cashew trees under different management regimes. Sociobiology , 65 2: Web monitoring of emerging animal infectious diseases integrated in the French Animal Health Epidemic Intelligence System.

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An integrated diagnostic setup for the morphological and molecular identification of the Ceratitis FAR complex C. Virgilio Massimiliano, Daneel J.

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Bulletin of Entomological Research , 7 p. A review of a century of studies on south american leaf blight of the rubber tree. Guyot Jean, Le Guen Vincent. Plant Disease , 6: A serological survey of anthrax in domestic dogs in Zimbabwe: A potential tool for anthrax surveillance. Epidemiology and Infection , A spatial sampling design based on landscape metrics for pest regulation: QGIS and applications in water and risks.

The typical RB76 recombination breakpoint of the invasive recombinant tomato yellow leaf curl virus of Morocco can be generated experimentally but is not positively selected in tomato.

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El Valle de Laudine (Spanish Edition)

Deguine Jean-Philippe, Ratnadass Alain. Agroecological management of bacterial wilt of tomato in Martinique. Deberdt Peninna, Fernandes Paula. Agroecological management of banana pests in export crops in the Dominican Republic. Agroecological management of insect pests of upland rice in Madagascar. Randriamanantsoa Richard, Ratnadass Alain. Agroecological management of mango fruit flies in Benin. Agroecological pest control and landscape organization in the French West Indies. Living territories to transform the world. Agroecology, a 21st century agricultural revolution?

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A study in a secondary city of Burkina Faso, West Africa. Two new genera in the family Geminiviridae.

Eating at the Buena Vida Restaurant in... - La Buena Vida

Murilo, Martin Darren Patrick. Archives of Virology , 6: Challenging the conceptual framework of maintenance hosts for influenza A viruses in wild birds. Journal of Applied Ecology , 54 3: Changes in phytophagous insect host ranges following the invasion of their community: Long-term data for fruit flies. Ecology and Evolution , 7 Characterization of mirid assemblages Heteroptera, Miridae in mango orchards in Reunion Island and implementation of identification and recognition tools.

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Atiama Morguen, Ramage T. Fruits , 72 6: Characterization of recombinant Trypanosoma brucei gambiense translationally controlled tumor protein r Tbg TCTP and its interaction with Glossina midgut bacteria. Gut Microbes , 8 5: Citrus junos as a host of citrus bacterial canker. EFSA Journal , 15 6 e, 23 p. Climate-driven geographic distribution of the desert locust during recession periods: Subspecies' niche differentiation and relative risks under scenarios of climate change.

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Journal of Virological Methods , Competitiveness and survival of two strains of Glossina palpalis gambiensis in an urban area of Senegal. Complete genome sequences of cowpea polerovirus 1 and cowpea polerovirus 2 infecting cowpea plants in Burkina Faso.

El Valle de Laudine (Spanish Edition) El Valle de Laudine (Spanish Edition)
El Valle de Laudine (Spanish Edition) El Valle de Laudine (Spanish Edition)
El Valle de Laudine (Spanish Edition) El Valle de Laudine (Spanish Edition)
El Valle de Laudine (Spanish Edition) El Valle de Laudine (Spanish Edition)
El Valle de Laudine (Spanish Edition) El Valle de Laudine (Spanish Edition)

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