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Giullo Espel. La Tempranica. Edition Claudio Prieto. Jules Massenet - Le Cid. Total Playing Time DVD 2: Souvenirs. English German French. Across a wide repertoire, the Russian soprano is typically lustrous, her voice rich and dark-hued. Something for everybody here. For the Barcarolle from "Les contes d'Hoffmann" she has Elina Garanca on hand as Niklausse; they make a convincing pair of Venetian serenaders. Two French opera arias make a neat contrast: "Depuis le jour" from "Louise", very dreamy, the words well defined, and with a beautifully executed leap up to the exultant "Je suis heureuse!

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Although the fireworks of Arditi's "Il bacio" bring the disc to an exuberant finish, the introspective songs fare best. Netrebko lifts smoothly and produces exactly the right effect, and throughout one shares Louise's reverie of love, beautifully sung. A light and sweet touch suits Messager's little piece, which to oversing would be to spoil, so delicate is it. Also winningly gentle is Netrebko's singing of Strauss's 'Wiegenlied', enfolded in softness and unfolded on a fine legato, with none of the swooping that sometimes mars it. How tender she is in the Jewish lullaby, sung quietly over the soft humming of the male voices in the background.

Other solo recitals by Anna Netrebko are available on DG, but I do not think that they have given me greater pleasure than this selection of her 'Souvenirs'.

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December Anna Netrebko is a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice, the latter of which is amply demonstrated in the recording under review. Versammelt sind wunderbare Leichtigkeiten. Dass sie. The singer with the German lyric voice has an Italian warmth and beautiful line to her singing. This does not mean, however that she only sings Italian opera or that all the Italian roles are hers.

Her physical appearance has more warmth and womanly appeal; she is not a coquette and tends to be physically larger than the Soubrette. The singer with a dramatic voice must have metallic ring, noble line and command the stage physically. Those arias heard in audition but not normally sung by the singer of this Fach in the opera house are given in parenthesis.

A mellow, supple voice; delicate physical appearance; an excellent actress. It is extremely important that the voice be fairly full since much of her singing lies in the middle voice. For this reason, it is best to think of the Deutsche Soubrette as the German equivalent of the young American lyric soprano, a warm soprano voice with a range from C to C. Her voice must be flexible but it is not necessary to have he extreme high notes. She must look like a younger sister and have a lively personality, yet her voice must be strong enough to balance Agathe's in the ensembles.

She might also sing many of the roles which are listed in the Koloratursopran Fach, provided her voice as the high notes and is flexible enough.

Walzer Quando men' vo. Sul fil d'un soffio etesio. Rosenarie Deh vieni non tardar. Die Lustigen Weiber von Windsor. A very flexible, bright voice with an extended top register. The main difference between this Koloratursopran and the Deutsche Soubrette is the ability to sing extremely high notes, fast coloratura passages, and to have a somewhat brighter sound. Her temperament, language facility and acting ability, are identical to that of the Deutsche Soubrette. Example: Beverly Sills, Capuletti ed i Montecchi. Les oiseau dans la charmille.

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A flexible voice with an extended upper range, a noble lyric line, and capable of dramatic outbursts. This is a very special Fach and one which is not easily understood by Americans. The ability to sing coloratura passages is important, as it is with the Koloratursoubrette , but the voice must have the beautiful line of the Lyrischersopran as well as being capable of dramatic outbursts. This voice is also usually asked to sing the Italian roles which include heavier music for the coloratura voice.

The type of character portrayed is often a loftier figure than that presented by the Lyrischersopran or the Soubrette. It is possible for a singer of the Dramatischerkoloratursopran Fach to move into the true Lyrischersopran Fach later in her career if her vocal and physical size permit it. Maria Callas and Montserrat Caballe also sang this Fach during their careers. Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor. Schmuckwalzer Jewel Song. The girlfriend category. A supple voice with a beautiful mellow quality and a noble line. This name is deceptive for Americans. Lyrischer lyric does not mean, in this instance, light, but rather the ability to sustain lines with more voice and full legato line than the singers of the spiel Fach.

This is in reality the German equivalent of the American spinto soprano. In regards to appearance, the Lyrischersopran must have a somewhat softer, more sympathetic personality than the Soubrettes ; she should be attractive, appealing, and very feminine on stage. Although it is unlikely for the mature Lyrischersopran to move into a heavier Fach the voice lacks the metallic ring of the dramatic Fach a young singer of the Jugendlicher-dramatischersopran Fach often will sing some of the roles of the Lyrischersopran repertoire. Example: Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, Le nozze di Figaro.

Wollen Sie essen? Wollen Sie schwimmen? Wollen Sie kommen? Wollen Sie gehen? Do you want to dance with me? Das ist der Grund, warum meine Regel 1 so wichtig ist! Wann wollen Sie …? When do you want to …? When do you want to drink?


Ich kann nicht singen. I cannot sing. Ich kann nicht schwimmen. I cannot swim.

Ich kann nicht surfen. I cannot surf. Ich habe einen Traum. I have a dream. Ich habe ein Baby. I have a baby. Ich habe einen Computer. I have a computer. Ich habe einen Laptop. I have a laptop. Ich habe einen Hamster. I have a hamster. I have a ring.

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    Meine Erzählungen (German Edition) Meine Erzählungen (German Edition)
    Meine Erzählungen (German Edition) Meine Erzählungen (German Edition)
    Meine Erzählungen (German Edition) Meine Erzählungen (German Edition)
    Meine Erzählungen (German Edition) Meine Erzählungen (German Edition)
    Meine Erzählungen (German Edition) Meine Erzählungen (German Edition)
    Meine Erzählungen (German Edition) Meine Erzählungen (German Edition)
    Meine Erzählungen (German Edition) Meine Erzählungen (German Edition)

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