Mission to the 3 Suns

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It could help answer questions about the formation of the universe and how it will change.

Move over, Tatooine: Planet discovered orbiting three suns - CNN

The system is located roughly light years from us. The gas planet is relatively young. With his juvenile age of only 16 million years he belongs to the youngest planets ever discovered in the universe.

The 3 Lucky sun in Masbate (Kisses,May2,Edward)

To orbit his sun once, he needs years. The unusual constellation of three suns and one planet leads to all kinds of interesting conditions. In some seasons - which are all longer than a human life - at least one of the suns will be shining at all times. There are three sunrises and sunsets every day. Even though the gas giant is relatively large - compared to many other planets in the universe - and also has a less than cozy climate with temperatures of 1, degrees Fahrenheit Celsius , the astronomers consider it rather small and cold for his class.

There are two reasons.

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First: It is an exoplanet - a planet outside of our solar system. That puts it into the rare class of "directly imaged exoplanets. Their existence can only be proven in indirect ways. The majority of exoplanets are found when they transit in front of their respective stars. They dim the intensity of light and radiation emitted from their - that's how they are identified. The second most important method of finding exoplanets is called doppler spectrography, also known as the radial-velocity method.

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Astronomers use it to calculate the mass and orbit of a planet by detecting irregularities in the movement of stars, applying the law of gravity. The few exoplanets one can see from Earth must therefore be extremely bright and large.

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  • Otherwise it would not be possible to identify them using a telescope. At this point the astronomers are not certain yet how stable the solar-system with three suns will prove to be in the long run. The telescope that found thousands of distant worlds over the past decade has run out of fuel.

    Deal to build world's largest telescope signed

    It might not be any bigger than your own refrigerator, but the TESS telescope will deliver the stuff of your wildest sci-fi fantasies: Earth-sized planets by the hundreds, and all in the next two years. Tess rode a SpaceX Falcon rocket as it embarked on a quest to find new planets around neighboring stars that could support life. And it has to stay between the vehicle and the Sun at all times in order for the spacecraft to work. To maintain position, Parker has a sophisticated attitude control system, which is meant to keep the vehicle in the right place at all times.

    Parker has to work autonomously, too, as a radio signal from Earth takes about eight minutes to reach the spacecraft. That way, the spacecraft and its four instrument suites stay in constant shadow throughout the mission. All of these technologies will allow Parker to get what it came for: direct measurements of the corona. And the spacecraft will also be studying a feature of the atmosphere known as plasma waves. Whenever particles move around inside the corona, they create waves like a boat on the surface of the ocean. All of these details should help scientists get a better idea of why the Sun behaves the way it does.

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    Journey to a billion suns – world premiere of planetarium show

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    Mission to the 3 Suns Mission to the 3 Suns
    Mission to the 3 Suns Mission to the 3 Suns
    Mission to the 3 Suns Mission to the 3 Suns
    Mission to the 3 Suns Mission to the 3 Suns
    Mission to the 3 Suns Mission to the 3 Suns
    Mission to the 3 Suns Mission to the 3 Suns
    Mission to the 3 Suns Mission to the 3 Suns

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