The Best South African Braai (Barbeque) Recipes

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We are big babies in South Africa when it comes to cold weather. We think 5 degrees is very cold. I grew up in the Free State province where the temperature goes below zero. However, when South Africa receives snow its big news.

It’s National Braai/BBQ Day – here’s the braai recipe roundup!

Ok, I would agree with you that 5 degrees is cold, but when we were there the temperature was hitting 20 most days. I remember when flying from Joberg to East London we saw quite a lot of snow on the Drakensberg did I spell that right? The only problem with ostrich here is it is really expensive. However it is really really mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so it is well worth it And don't get me started on ostrich biltong! We are lucky, though, to have a South African butcher near to where I live, which means that we can get these great meats and boerewors.

Not quite the buck boerewors that my uncle makes, but it is still delecious. I am now very hungry. Sorry, Mutantflame, that came out wrong. I meant that we do not get as cold as the UK. Here are the average minimum and maximum temperatures during summer and winter for some cities as supplied by the weather service. It is however not easy to get there. Draken - meaning dragon and berg meaning mountain s , so Dragon mountains or Mountains of the Dragon s would be a correct translation.

Getting back to food, ostrich is very tasty, very healthy and unbeatable when it comes to impressing your friends. It is poultry but the cuts look and taste like fillet if prepared correctly. It absolutely just melts in your mouth. I think I will make an instructable on that. I never knew that the Drakenberg mountains were named after dragons- but then again I never really looked into it.

You learn something new every day, I suppose! We considered driving up there to see some relatives, but after hearing it was hard to get to we drove all the way from East London to Plettenberg bay, Knysna, Ooutswaren and some other towns like that instead. Basically we went from East London to almost all the way to Cape town and back.


I personally think that it tastes better than beef. Unlike most birds it is red meat, which surprised me at first. In one day, if I recall correctly, we had ostrich fillet for lunch yum , rode on an ostrich at one of those tourist farms awesome , ate ostrich biltong on the way back to where we were staying, and had ostrich burger and something-wors for supper yumyum.

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If you are making an instructable on ostrich, make sure to send me the leftovers if there is any! Just did my best to duplicate the recipe, didn't have any pineapple juice so used lime juice, I have to say it worked perfectly, absolutely wonderful. I will never bar-be-que again, it's Braais all the way from now on!! Improvise, it what cooking is all about. The day you find some pineapple juice, get some. It makes the meat just a little bit sweeter. What a fantastic instuctable. A very handy trick with the hand too. Hi epicrey, you're welcome.

Thanks for taking the time to read the Instructable and trying it out yourself because thats what its all about. Now go out there and impress you friend and family with your new found cooking skills. They will be thrilled not to say impressed! Jamie Oliver here we come!

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I like helping others and will normally go out of my way to do so, otherwise I am just your regular Add Teacher Note. Place the meat in the dish and perforate it with the fork on both sides. Then add 5 to 10 drops of Pineapple juice onto each piece of meat and perforate them again. Do not turn the meat over this time but leave them for 10 to 20 minutes. Turn them over, add the Pineapple juice and perforate again. Wait another 10 to 20 minutes before going on to the next step.

After the Pineapple juice, do the same with some Balsamic vinegar. This step is not essential but it does add a nice flavor to the meat. The pineapple juice and balsamic vinegar are slightly acidic and this is what softens and tenderizes the meat.

Best Meat and Chicken Marinade Recipes for Braai Day - Household Plastic

The "acid" helps break down the meat structure. Any acidic fruit juice or liquid will do, even lemon juice works well. Its very natural and makes the meat taste wonderful. Do not leave it on too long or it might even cure the meat. The fork creates the holes for the Pineapple juice and Balsamic vinegar to run into and penetrate deeper into the meat where it is needed the most. I am using Pineapple juice for a specific reason, which we will get to later.

How do you determine when meat is done?

Barbecue warning: Learn how to braai like a Saffa or risk food poisoning

There is a simple and easy way to do this. Poke the meat with your forefinger. Now take your other hand and place the thumb and fingers together. As you move from one finger to the next, you will get the consistency of the meat as it should be done. With your hand open but relaxed feel the heel of your hand just below the thumb with the forefinger of the other hand.

This is the consistency of raw meat. Now touch your forefinger and thumb together lightly, and poke the heel again with the forefinger of the other hand.

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This is the consistency of rare meat. Touch your middle finger and thumb together, the heel is now the consistency of medium-rare meat. The thumb and ring finger together represent medium meat And the pinky and thumb together is what well done meat will feel like.

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The Best South African Braai (Barbeque) Recipes The Best South African Braai (Barbeque) Recipes
The Best South African Braai (Barbeque) Recipes The Best South African Braai (Barbeque) Recipes
The Best South African Braai (Barbeque) Recipes The Best South African Braai (Barbeque) Recipes
The Best South African Braai (Barbeque) Recipes The Best South African Braai (Barbeque) Recipes
The Best South African Braai (Barbeque) Recipes The Best South African Braai (Barbeque) Recipes

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