The Closet Case

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The Closet Case

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In this journal entry I laughed about the great date I had with one of my best friends. We went to the movies, and when it was over I chose not to go to the bathroom because I saw some gay boys that made me nervous because I wasn't out to anyone else yet. Only myself. And I hadn't even been out to myself that King at this point. Perhaps about a year.

In this entry I state that "I almost met some gay guys in the bathroom at least I think they were gay--I don't have official gaydar yet. And I love that it was on paper instead of the computer. It made it more nostalgic. I've grown so much since then. Hammond has also written novels like The Last Circle. Guest writer Amrit Justin Trewn shares his thoughts on how race impacts the coming out process. He has served as a board member for Campus Pride Board of Directors, performed on stage in the original production, Cleaning Closets , and hosted LGBT events since beginning his college career.

Like the clasp on the bracelet pictured here, I finally got closure. Last week I got to Skype with the ensemble from Morehead after not even getting to say goodbye to them due to the massive snowstorm in Kentucky.


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Our entire week of performances was cancelled. One performance was rescheduled for a date when I had already returned to Chicago. Great for the students, sad for me. I told them to really take to heart the feedback they received at the post-show talkback. I agreed with a lot of the critiques and questions posed by the audience, but even the things that we didn't necessarily agree with are important to consider. But now it's up to the students to take their own show to the next level.

Many of them are interested in editing their personal stories and submitting them to some minute play festivals. I say go for it!

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I can't wait to take the feedback from the students and create a better program that I can take to other institutions! When asked in the survey what they learned from the experience, one actor said, " I am unsure what to say.

Carolyn Pajama Bottoms by Closet Case by Sew Sew Live

I learned a lot about the LGBT community in general, but I feel like I also learned things about myself and my peers that I can't put into words. And I think I gained confidence. Now that we are reaching the end of Cleaning Closets I cannot express how grateful I am to be a part of this experience.


Through this process it has allowed me to realize that a dream I had is obtainable. When I first declared myself as a theatre major my goal was to own my own theatre and use it as a way for children to come to a safe space and express themselves creatively. Thinking this is an unobtainable goal I divulged myself in many different realms of theatre to find where I would be able to excel. In addition to my own breakthroughs I have seen many for the others in the cast, and I am elated that I was able to be present for these wonderful people.

I am now more vocal about the treatment of others and hope to be a more present ally to all of those in the LGTBQ community. My first blog is a video blog! Cleaning Closets is an oral history project that shares true coming out stories from both sides of the closet door. This includes the perspective of LGBT people as well as the family and friends to whom they come out.

The Closet Case The Closet Case
The Closet Case The Closet Case
The Closet Case The Closet Case
The Closet Case The Closet Case
The Closet Case The Closet Case
The Closet Case The Closet Case
The Closet Case The Closet Case
The Closet Case The Closet Case

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