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Within the woods

She's an absolute fiend when she's angry. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? Yea, indeed, he did not err, there was a fiend at his elbow View in context. Caedmon next tells how the fiend tempted first the man and then the woman with guileful lies to eat of the fruit which had been forbidden to them, and how Eve yielded to him.

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View in context. May the foul fiend fly off with me, if I am not man enough for a dozen of them. I thought also of my father and surviving brother; should I by my base desertion leave them exposed and unprotected to the malice of the fiend whom I had let loose among them? And could not such words from her whom I fondly prized before every other gift of fortune suffice to chase away the fiend that lurked in my heart?

The fiend in his own shape is less hideous than when he rages in the breast of man. They turned; and flashing forth, as it were, in a sheet of flame, the fiend worshippers were seen; the smile of welcome gleamed darkly on every visage.

Fiend Cats - Within the woods (vhs version)

As I'm not a fiend , at any rate, I shouldn't take him in. Rather, O blessed one, give you me boldness to abide within the harmless laws of peace, avoiding strife and hatred and the violent fiends of death. To friends above, from fiends below, the indignant ghost is riven - "From Hell unto a high estate far up within the Heaven - "From grief and groan, to a golden throne, beside the King of Heaven.

Having succeeded in slaying his daughter, The Fiend had no choice but to keep his word. He allowed the party to live and released the spirits of Arkwright's parents. Later on in the book we discover that while Tom was fighting Morwena on the marsh, The Fiend reveals to Alice the identity of her true mother and father, Bony Lizzie and himself. While searching for the Ordeen within The Ord, Tom falls through a trap door and falls into a large metal basin to prevent him from escaping.

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Lamia witches are below and he realises that he is their food! However before the basin can be lowered to the lamias, the Fiend appears and stops time once more. He shows Tom the future, of what will happen in mere moments: The Spook, Tom, Alice and Arkwright will die and the Ordeen will slaughter everyone in Meteora and all of the refugees fleeing. To prevent this from happening, The Fiend strikes a deal with Tom. He will give Tom the precise location of the Ordeen and delay her awakening for one hour.

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  • In return he will get Tom's soul. Tom refuses at first and then thinks of the victory that could be won. He agrees. He isn't in the form of Matthew Gilbert, the bargeman. He is his true self, covered in hair, malevolent eyes, horns of a gout and as tall as a giant. However before he can reap his reward, Alice awakens from her slumber and comes to Tom's aid, the blood jar in her hand. The Fiend is forced to retreat. From now on Tom and Alice must be together or the Fiend will slay Alice on the spot and take Tom's soul for any use he wishes.

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    One of the Fiend's powers is the ability to change form at will. The Fiend can become anything he chooses but in the books he is only seen using a few forms. Whoever looks in his eyes dies. He is the dark made flesh, and for some reason, Satan's a goat? This is the Fiend's prefered form. Often used when appearing during witch ceremonies.

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    This form has the a very intimidating appearance. Being said to drive normal humans insane just be looking at him. This gives the fiend a towering figure covered with thick dark hair. The Fiend's head has two long horns and his eyes are described to be like a goat's. This is probably the Fiend's most dangerous form.

    The Fiend mostly used this form during the fifth and sixth books whenever meeting with Tom. This form is in the likeness of the bargeman, Matthew Gilbert, who was killed by the Fiend and his daughter, Morwena, in the fifth book. This was the form used by the Fiend when he met with Grimalkin before the birth of her child. This may have been the form which Grimalkin liked when she was young. However, he was banished by an unknown power. The records from this era were lost. After this, he can only visit briefly, at special times such as witches' sabbaths or when some terrible crime or evocation briefly opens the Portal to this world.

    It seems that he dosen't like to dirty his own hands unless it's necessary.

    The Fiend in Human by John MacLachlan Gray

    He likes to let his servants do his work for him so he can have that win-win situation by meeting with the heroes by spreading rumours and dark secrets that they have. And when also in a impossible situation it looks like The Fiend likes to give Tom a fighting chance so he can collect Tom's soul.

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    • The Fiend is also known for making witches bear him his children to create more darkness within the land. Usually when witches bear him his children they are usually abhumans or powerful witches with unique abilities. But sometimes the child maybe a fully fledged human that doesn't belong to the dark at all. This is very rare and only the happening ever to have been known is Grimalkin's child.

      Fiend Without A Face, and its surprising controversy

      Usually he will kill those who are born human, as he killed Grimalkin's child which gave her a reason to try and destroy him. It has been revealed that Alice Deane is one of the Fiend's children. The Fiend is the dark made flesh, and therefore has a wide range of powers available to him.

      He shares many of his powers with other Old Gods, but the strength and magnitude of his abilities are greatly amplified.

      The Fiend Within The Fiend Within
      The Fiend Within The Fiend Within
      The Fiend Within The Fiend Within
      The Fiend Within The Fiend Within
      The Fiend Within The Fiend Within
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      The Fiend Within The Fiend Within

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