U.S. Navy SEAL Guide to Basic Survival Secrets

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Having been trained by some of the most highly regarded survival experts in the US, I can say definitively that no one has more experience or knowledge on the topic of mountain, jungle, desert, sea or urban survival than Don Mann.

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Stephen M. A veritable how-to guide, The Navy Seal Survival Handbook is an absolute must have for every outdoor enthusiast, adventurer or Armed Forces member. This book is packed with a ton of useful information on wilderness survival techniques. A retired member of the elite U. I gained a great deal of insight into the world of survival as well as deepened my respect for the Navy SEALs. Frankly if I was in a survival situation, I would want Don Mann there with me.

After reading his book I at least feel like I am much better prepared. If you are a fan of survival, get this book. A very informative wilderness survival guide which focuses on surviving in extremely adverse conditions, The Navy SEAL Survival Handbook is a must read for anyone who spends time in the great outdoors. Don Mann shares a wealth of personal knowledge and experience operating in dangerous environments, drawing on his year career as a Navy SEAL, adventure racer, ultra-marathon runner and mountain climber.

Mann presents an incredibly informative review on desert, jungle, mountain, arctic and water survival techniques, as well as techniques on surviving extreme environmental conditions. These two chapters alone are a vital read for all outdoors recreationalists. I highly endorse this book as the definitive guide on wilderness survival and recommend it strongly as essential reading for military, civilian, and search and rescue specialists.

Having retired from the Army, after a twenty-four year career, I read from a perspective of does this handbook have applicability in my life today, as a business executive? Answer: YES! This is a great read, for the special ops soldier, survivalist, adventurist, and business executive! If you want proven survival methods, skills and techniques… then this is the book for you.

Don Mann is one of those immortal cosmic enigma nightmare types. A Warrior Renaissance Man that is wrapped up in a unending thousand tool Swiss army knife. Ever since I first met Don, I have always been surprised, motivated and constantly blown away about then Next Big Thing he is planning on completing or competing in and Crushing it. His literary word-smithing has a certain sweet satan seductive role to it in where he draws the reader in and then holds him there glued to the print until DON lets him go.

Thank you!! And the way it is written delivers hard hitting, never forgetting, subjective, been there done that, real world scenarios of specific combat medical injuries and treat them in time sensitive field expedient method to keep the wounded operator alive and still in the fight till extract off a hot LZ. The attention to detail in all the different chapters and categories was almost overwhelming but portrayed in a way where even a 4 year old could read it and immediately respond and employ what Don presented for something like treatment for a tension pneumothorax or sucking chest wound.

It will also be on the mandatory Packing list to all my clients for their Hairy Scary Training Evolutions as well. Thank you Don!!


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Excellent book! I attended a wilderness school in Colorado in and again in The Instructor was Mountain Mel Delweese. I was wondering if you know him? Your book is a perfect match for those classes. Good stuff!! Thank you. Reviews: The U. Readers will learn how to select the proper gear to take with them on their adventures, how to forage for food, and how to keep themselves protected from the elements.

There are sections on knot-tying, tool building, and even which plants are edible and can be used for medicinal purposes. For the outdoor enthusiast looking to pick up some new skills or improve on existing ones, this is an indispensable reference. Now in its third edition, the SAS Survival Handbook is considered a true classic of the survival manual genre. The author is a former member of the British Special Air Service, where he specialized in survival training.

Through this book, he details how to survive in extreme environments, such as jungles, deserts, and even oceans. He also offers up basic hand-to-hand combat techniques and methods of survival following natural disasters. The SAS Survival Handbook is a must-read for anyone looking to increase their own abilities in the wilderness and beyond.

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The author of this book is a noted survival expert and in The entire guide is focused on techniques for keeping your core body temperature as close to As sea, air, and land warriors, the U. Navy SEALs can be deployed to practically any environment on the planet at a moments notice. That means they have to know how to survive in places that are otherwise hostile to human life.

Author Don Mann is a highly decorated former SEAL who has undergone extensive survival training and put the strategies and techniques that he has learned to the test in a variety of environments across the globe. In this book, he shares secrets of survival in jungles, deserts, the Arctic, and even at sea. He also provides instruction in basic bushcraft, with helpful insights into how to build a shelter, create makeshift weapons, and locate clean drinking water.

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Perhaps best of all, the book also includes a number of real-world stories of survival under some of the harshest conditions imaginable, allowing this guidebook to not only teach, but to inspire as well. This manual is as much of a guide for living in the wake of a hurricane or earthquake as it is some kind of apocalypse, helping readers to get along for extended periods of time without power, running water, or modern methods of communication.

It also shares tips on how to grow crops, forage for food, perform emergency medical procedures, and defend your property from potential looters. There are even sections dedicated to rebuilding society in case things really do take a turn for the worse. One of the most important skills for staying alive following a natural disaster is knowing how to provide proper medical treatment to both yourself and those around you.

Working under the premise that professional medical attention may not be available for days or weeks on end, this book gives readers the information they need to render aid in a wide variety of emergency situations. The page guide covers a surprisingly extensive list of ailments and injuries, sharing the best possible ways to treat wounds with a limited amount of supplies.

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The book is broken down into sections that cover survival skills, disaster relief, and first aid, making it an all-around great resource for use in both wilderness environments and urban settings. Now in its eighth edition, Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills is one of the most revered survival manuals ever created, particularly for climbers.

This book is essentially the bible for mountaineers, delivering a complete handbook compiled from the years of experience of more than 40 contributing alpinists. Readers will find it to be a handy reference to have in their library, however, offering tips on how to travel safely in the mountains, including techniques for rappelling down rock faces, evaluating the risks of avalanches, and using modern mountaineering gear safely and efficiently.

There are even sections that can help climbers hone their leadership skills, allowing them to take charge when the situation demands it. While the other books on this list tent to focus mainly on the skills necessary to survive a difficult situation, this book turns most of its attention on the gear and supplies that are necessary to get through an unexpected disaster.

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U.S. Navy SEAL Guide to Basic Survival Secrets
U.S. Navy SEAL Guide to Basic Survival Secrets
U.S. Navy SEAL Guide to Basic Survival Secrets
U.S. Navy SEAL Guide to Basic Survival Secrets
U.S. Navy SEAL Guide to Basic Survival Secrets
U.S. Navy SEAL Guide to Basic Survival Secrets

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