Wilde Katzen - das zweite Buch der Offenbarung 23 (German Edition)

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I could do just that for Tempora Morte. She studied with Prof. Since she herself has a teaching position at Ostkreuzschule. Her award-winning work is exhibited internationally. Text: Robert Morat Galerie, Berlin. Westlicht Wien Fake truth Alison Jackson. Haben wir das wirklich gesehen? Oktober - 6. Jahrestages des Falls der Berliner Mauer 9.

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November entwickelt wurde. Tommaso Bonaventura Rom , Absolvent der Literaturwissenschaft, widmet sich seit der Fotografie. Questa vicenda offre uno spunto per interrogarsi su un cambiamento epocale a partire da un punto di osservazione che privilegia le storie private e familiari, restituendole attraverso un duplice racconto: fotografico e video. Il 9 novembre non cade soltanto il muro di Berlino ma cambia un intero paese: la parte che si ricongiunge alle sue origini subisce una inevitabile metamorfosi e svaniscono rapidamente un modo di vivere, di pensare, di comportarsi, di vestire, di spendere.

Tommaso Bonaventura Roma , laureato in Lettere, si dedica alla fotografia dal Suoi lavori sono apparsi sulle maggiori testate internazionali e hanno ricevuto diversi premi tra i quali World Press Photo, Sony Award, Premio Ponchielli. Nel pubblica Le vie della fede ed. Gribaudo dedicato ai grandi pellegrinaggi del cristianesimo in Europa.

Elisa Del Prete Bologna, lavora nella produzione e curatela di progetti artistici che investono la sfera pubblica. Nel apre a Bologna Nosadella. Scrive per doppiozero. Pressetext: Studio Esseci, Padova. Deichtorhallen Hamburg Oktober - 1. Le sue immagini della mutevole bellezza dell'Antartide mostrano l'approccio visionario di Pellegrin alla fotografia.

Mi interessa, invece, per quanto posso, la vita delle persone che fotografo. Seguo un approccio antropologico: voglio trovare motivi e temi per raccontare le mie storie".

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Paolo Pellegrin born in Rome , ten-time winner of the World Press Photo Award and numerous other awards, combines in his pictures his experience as a documentary photographer in crisis areas and theatres of war with the visual intensity of an artist. On view are more than images, many of them unpublished, as well as video footage from to Urban poverty, disease, natural or environmental disasters and conflicts in every corner of the world - Pellegrin has seen everything in the world.

His images of the changing beauty of Antarctica show Pellegrin's visionary approach to photography. Instead, I'm interested, as far as I can, in the lives of the people I photograph. I follow an anthropological approach: I want to find motifs and themes to tell my stories. The show is divided into two large parts: the first about people and the second about nature. Espace JB Carouge 2.


November - Le Soleil des loups Marine Lanier. La Camera Chiara Berlin 2. November - 7. Diese Ausstellung zeigt einzigartige Fotografie, die auf eine Kinotechnik aus der Mitte des Er nennt dies seine Terra Incognita, obwohl die meisten seiner Bilder nur ein paar Kilometer von seinem Berliner Zuhause entfernt gemacht wurden. Es macht ihm Freude zu zeigen, wie er die Welt sieht. This exhibition of a beautiful and unique style of photography references a mid twentieth century cinema technique known as Day For Night. The personal challenge for Rogers is to make a photograph in the camera and to keep any post processing to a minimum.

He has been developing this singular style of photographic looking over the last decade, after he photographed a tree, using the pop out flash on his camera by accident. Many of the flora subjects photographed by Rogers have been visited repeatedly over many years, creating a timeless record of the changing seasons in his home cities. Since settling in Berlin, he continues to employ the same highly theatrical approach to his subject gathering and picture making. This Homeric photographic odyssey has consumed him for over a decade and he has no plans to complete it anytime soon. He calls this his Terra Incognita, though most of his pictures are made within a couple of kilometres of his Berlin home.

For him it is a delight to share how he sees his world. The joy of making them is self evident, especially when encountering them for the first time in the printed, physical form. Trained at Portsmouth college of Art, Rogers is passionate about art education and Visual Literacy , for all ages. He has exhibited his photographs in solo and group exhibitions in the UK and Europe and this selection of otherworldly photography is his first solo exhibition in Berlin.

Text: La Camera Chiara, Berlin. Kunstmuseum Luzern 2. November - 9. Clemens von Wedemeyer nimmt historische Perspektiven auf, um unsere Gegenwart zu reflektieren. Galerie Peter Sillem Frankfurt am Main 2.

Alia Ali, Constellation, Die Explosion von Farben und Motiven in diesen Bildern spiegelt zugleich die komplexen und manchmal unheilvollen Bedingungen, unter denen diese Textilien sich verbreiteten. Alia Ali, geb. Alia Ali lebt und arbeitet in Los Angeles und Marrakesch. FLUX is a series of shifting photographic artworks that embody silhouettes that are warped by textile, saturated in colors and a medley of motifs.

While some of the images distort visibility, others create hypervisibility almost negating themselves into animated forms of camouflage. The outburst of saturated colors and hyperoptic motifs in these images, lend themselves to vibrating results obscuring the complex and sometimes iniquitous conditions by which these textiles came into fruition and destabilizing the source s from where they came from.

The multiple dimensionality creates a kaleidoscope of perspectives, horizontally and vertically. Horizontally, in that this material has come into existence across borders over land and water, and vertically in that they draw from and evoke cosmic, mythical and religious inspirations. Furthermore, these particular wax prints are a key to mapping the colonial trade routes.

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While they certainly can be seen as escapist dreamscapes, they are also objects of oppression and capitalism. She has been awarded the Alice C. Sky an Sea Remo Neuhaus. Als leidenschaftlicher Kite-Surfer und Besitzer eines kleinen Sommerhaus an der Ostsee in Schweden , zieht es ihn immer wieder ans Meer. Dort kann er seine beiden grossen Leidenschaften, das Kite-Surfen und das Fotografieren ausleben. Wenn kein Wind wehte, war das Fotografieren im Zentrum. In dieser Zeit sind beeindruckende Landschaftsaufnahmen entstanden.

Jahrhunderts niederzulassen begann. Paddy und Ellen, Eltern eines Geschwisterkindes mit acht Kindern, erlaubten mir, mehrere Wochen in ihrer Gemeinde in Cashel zu verbringen. Jedes Mitglied der Gemeinschaft hat eine Rolle. Galerie Monika Wertheimer Oberwil 9. Intimate Patrick Stumm. Mit seiner Handschrift bringt er kraftvolle Stille und intime Bilder hervor.

Geboren Chelsea Massachusetts, US.

Text: Galerie Monika Wertheimer, Oberwil. Edwynn Houk Gallery New York Then and Now Matthew Pillsbury. Often taken using exposures exceeding one hour, the sharp, clear photographs capture a striking contrast between buildings and other stationary objects that appear as solid, enduring entities, and the throngs of people in perpetual motion who pass through the frame as transparent incorporeal apparitions, in flux and impermanent.

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There is a haunting quality to the images; set in recognizable places, our sense of familiarity is destabilized by the apparent paradox of experiencing a continuous stretch of time in a single instant. Spectral trails of museum visitors wash over the stone steps of the Louvre in front of Winged Victory , while a stream of amorphous bodies glides through the water to the edge of the infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands hotel. With images from New York, Paris, Tokyo, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Singapore, clusters of people flow through each frame in a photographic representation of the passage of time, and a reminder of the transient, ever changing nature of our presence.

In , Pillsbury published his monograph City Stages with Aperture. Anzenberger Gallery Wien Vienna Art Week Seine Bilder enthalten malerische Gesten und Freihandfotografie in einer intensiven Montage von gebauten Bildern und Materialien; sein kreativer Prozess ist eine zeitlich begrenzte, analoge fotografische Performance in Anwesenheit eines Live-Publikums. His pictures incorporate painterly gestures and freehand photography in an intense montage of built images and materials; his creative process is a time-limited, analogue photographic performance in the presence of a live audience.

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Text: Anzenberger Gallery, Wien. Die klassische Fotoreportage der vorangegangenen Jahrzehnte war an ein Ende gekommen. Sie versucht, die Manifestation des Nicht-Sichtbaren "sichtbar" zu machen. Fabrice Domenet. Wandering in the limbo of the imagination, the chronology of images is part of a process of temporal evolution.

Intention is not in the narrative. Only the experience of visions that unfold like a film whose meaning could emerge from the symbolism of each of the "windows" opened on the subconscious. Like the experience of the shamanic trance intended to come into contact with the invisible and which consists in creating the union between body and mind, my photographic work questions this relationship between the world around us and our inner world.

It seeks to make the manifestation of the non-visible "visible".


Galerienhaus 3. Soiz Galerie Passau How far is a lightyear? Simon Lehner. Es fasziniert, wie Simon Lehner damit die Grenzen des Mediums auslotet.


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Galerie Parallax Aix-en-Provence Druckereihalle im Ackermannshof Basel Zum Abschluss der Ausstellung findet am Hugo Jaeggi wurde in Solothurn geboren, wo er von — eine Fotografenlehre absolvierte. Er lebte und arbeitete in Burg im Leimental BL und ist dort am August verstorben.

The Taste of Color Miles Aldridge.

Wilde Katzen - das zweite Buch der Offenbarung 23 (German Edition) Wilde Katzen - das zweite Buch der Offenbarung 23 (German Edition)
Wilde Katzen - das zweite Buch der Offenbarung 23 (German Edition) Wilde Katzen - das zweite Buch der Offenbarung 23 (German Edition)
Wilde Katzen - das zweite Buch der Offenbarung 23 (German Edition) Wilde Katzen - das zweite Buch der Offenbarung 23 (German Edition)
Wilde Katzen - das zweite Buch der Offenbarung 23 (German Edition) Wilde Katzen - das zweite Buch der Offenbarung 23 (German Edition)
Wilde Katzen - das zweite Buch der Offenbarung 23 (German Edition) Wilde Katzen - das zweite Buch der Offenbarung 23 (German Edition)
Wilde Katzen - das zweite Buch der Offenbarung 23 (German Edition) Wilde Katzen - das zweite Buch der Offenbarung 23 (German Edition)

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